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Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

We provide skilled transaction management to publicly traded and privately held business consultants and private equity groups in both sell-side and buy-side transactions.

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Sell Side Advisory

We represent sellers of privately-held businesses and corporate clients seeking to divest business units or assets. In the sell-side advisory role, clients rely upon our ability to identify and communicate the underlying value drivers in the business; our awareness of the operating strategies of each potential buyer; our assertive control of the auction process; our hands-on management of due diligence; and skillful negotiation. If the company is not ideally positioned to garner maximum value, we’ll recommend steps an owner can take before going to market that can lead to a higher value in an eventual sale.
We also recognise that, while price is an important consideration, the seller’s objectives are rarely limited to price alone. Every owner has personal and professional goals that can’t be measured monetarily and each serves a community of stakeholders whose interests matter.

Buy Side Representation

We work with companies to achieve their growth objectives. We categorize potential targets, construct financial and integration models, develop corporate financing solutions, and negotiate on our client’s behalf.

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Debt Equity Financing

We assist companies with raising growth capital in the debt and equity markets.

Clients are increasingly looking to the firm to arrange various corporate finance alternatives. Such mechanisms can be instrumental in helping companies expand operations, fund acquisitions and restructure balance sheets, all aimed at capturing opportunities in the current market.

With access to private sources of capital and experience evaluating thousands of companies, our investment bankers and registered representatives work in partnership with owners and management to:

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Strategic Advisory
We feel proud on the insights and opportunities we help our corporate clients identify and execute upon. Our collaborative, analytically driven approach is backed by deep expertise and a wide view of the market landscape. Since technology innovation is at the heart of business success today, our forward-looking approach can help your organization drive performance and value for your shareholders.
Carve-outs can present a unique opportunity for corporates to achieve their strategic objectives. Whether it’s identifying and absorbing a business or technology division from another corporation, or unlocking value for shareholders by preparing an internal business unit for an IPO as its own entity, We work along with your leadership to execute the process as smoothly as possible. Because every business is unique, we’ll work with you to develop and execute a plan of action that’s customized to achieve strategic and financial success.
Joint Ventures

Joint ventures between two or more parties can be more complex than initially thought. We approach joint venture formation from an entrepreneurial mindset, and we help our clients develop a financial and operating structure which thoroughly accounts for the defining characteristics of each party entering into the new business partnership.

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Private Equity Advisory

Private Equity syndication is a complex process that’s frequently drawn out over months and involves multiple stages of deal management. These include brainstorming with the management about the most appropriate positioning, managing multiple investors with varied offers, coordinating with service providers for the diligence process, and advising stakeholders on negotiations. We Venture Capitalist in India have unique process management experience and expertise that helps in the quick closure of complex, strategic transactions. We have a very deep understanding of its chosen sectors, which it leverages to position its clients optimally.

The market for private equity capital is dynamic, fragmented and highly negotiated. Management can be weighed down with a multitude of issues. In helping companies reach their next orbit of growth, Venture Studio bring to the table a deep understanding of these issues:

  • Accessing the relevant investor-set
  • Scrutinizing the pros and cons of different proposals
  • Finding the right investing partner
  • Achieving the right valuation
  • Using the most appropriate instrument (common/ preferred stock combined with call/put options, warrants, etc.
  • Structuring the appropriate term sheet (Positive and negative covenants, dilution and exit rights, investment structure, corporate governance, etc

Venture Studio has rich experience in working with entrepreneurs across different stages of their organizations evolution and in handling transactions of various complexities. Innovations Venture Studio has worked with a broad range of companies from large corporate houses to leading mid-market players to emerging companies. These attributes, along with the strong relationships that our team has with the PE fraternity in India and abroad and our ability to bring the right partners to the table and structure the most optimal transaction, has delivered immense value to our clients, both in the short-term as well as the long-term.

Debt Management

Companies often access financing to drive growth, make acquisitions or optimize their working capital. To make the most of these opportunities requires extensive insight into the available lending options. We work closely with you to find the best fit for your goals. But making sense of the borrowing options available on the market requires experience and expertise. It is essential that financing is structured optimally and aligned with your business’s ambitions.

At Innovations, our debt advisory team works with you to understand the following:

Your funding requirements, advise on the options available in the market and implement the optimal financing solution for your needs.
Our team also helps you to get better terms, including a lower Rate of Interest, for your existing debt facilities.
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With a strong track record in the lending market, our team has the expertise to match you with the right financing partner and then structure and execute a deal in an optimal manner.

With new entrants and interest rates continuing to sit at low levels, the funding options for privately owned businesses are greater than never. Our debt advisory team will work with you to navigate the options available to your business. This approach includes assessing your business as a whole, understanding your strategic objectives, determining the company’s need for financing, and working with financial institutions to structure and execute financing.

We have strong relationships with lenders and a comprehensive understanding of the debt landscape that ensures a smooth fundraising process.

At Innovations venture Studio, we have the capability to provide end-to-end advice to our clients on debt and structured finance – from initial strategy to deal execution.

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Our Debt Solutions Encompass:

Corporate Finance: Arranging fresh debt for incremental capex as well as enhancements in working capital requirements

Project Finance: Syndicating project debt – Greenfield/Brownfield (vanilla/structured) to optimize the Return on Equity (RoE)

External Finance: Arranging foreign currency loans in the form of External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) from a range of international lenders, ECAs, DFIs, etc

Debt Refinance: Refinancing corporate/project debt at more attractive terms Securitisation/Receivables Discounting: Creating liquidity and improving RoE on projects where commercial operations have commenced
Acquisition Finance: Arranging high yield debt from NBFCs and specialist institutions Special Situations Finance: Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR), distress financing etc.

At Innovations Venture Studio, we leverage on our transaction advisory experience, financial acumen and sector insights to advise our clients on optimal capital structures and to appropriately showcase the potential of a business to service its debt. We also devise effective restructuring and turnaround strategies best suited for companies in financial distress by utilizing the expertise of our country-wide partner network.

This helps us structure deals in a way that meets our client’s requirements with RoE enhancing costs, and manageable risk levels. Coupled with our strong investor/creditor relationships, especially with banks and financial institutions, it enables us to get our clients the requisite funding at competitive terms. We also devise customized and tailor-made structured finance vehicles that best match the requirements of our clients, giving them a competitive edge.
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